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Lifting Slings and Their Uses

Commonly, lifting slings are used when we need to lift equipment that is too heavy for us alone. Today, we are going to share with you three types of lifting slings and what they are used for.

Round Slings
These are some of the most commonly used types of slings. Due to their cheap replacement cost, people choose these over some of the higher quality options. These are able to lift up to 33 tonnes of weight, making them the perfect, easy-to-use lifting sling. These come in various sizes, lengths, and weight restrictions so it is important you check before using them. Due to their price, it is perfect for you to purchase in bulk, allowing you to save even more money.

Chain Slings
As the name would suggest, this is a type of lifting sling which is made from metal chains. This means that this type of sling can lift higher amounts of weight. This type of sling comes in many different styles, those being: singled legged, double legged, and multiple legged. This refers to the number of chains coming off of the sling for support. The more legs your chain sling has, the more weight it can lift and the safer it will be.

Wire Rope Slings
Again, as the name would suggest, this is a sling that is made specially from a wired rope. Making it again much stronger but more expensive than the round sling we first looked at. Again this sling can come in many different styles, with the styles changing depending on the number of legs. The amount of legs correlates to the amount of weight it can handle, as well as the size of the object it can handle. As the amount of legs goes up, both of the aspects do as well.

Construction Tools

Where Can I Buy Construction Safety Equipment?

There comes a time where you need to purchase safety equipment. Either for your own construction career or for your own construction workers. But, where can you buy construction safety equipment in the USA?

Large Suppliers
There are many larger suppliers of construction safety equipment found across the USA. Some of the more popular companies being Honeywell Safety Products and ErgoDyne. These are some of the best places if you wish to purchase more high quality products in bulk. When purchasing in bulk from these suppliers you may find you need to wait for them to be made and delivered to you or the store. This can be a long process so not always the best choice for a quick supply.

Online Stores
There is also a range of online stores which offer sales of safety equipment with shipping across the USA. One of these companies is Lifting Equipment Store USA. Bringing you a range of safety equipment for construction work that is high quality but lowers prices. With online stores, you will need to wait for a delivery, but this will be a fairly fast delivery process. With there being multiple delivery choices and possibilities for discounts.

Some superstores around the USA such as Walmart and Target will also offer some construction safety equipment. The range they have to offer will be smaller than those who personalize in safety equipment. But there will still be a small selection of safety equipment that you can easily purchase quickly.

These are some of the most popular places that you can purchase construction safety equipment across the USA. You should always remember that it is important to keep yourself and your workers safe when working in construction. The best way to do this is with safety equipment purchased from any of these places.

Construction Tools

Tools Used By Construction Workers

There are a lot of tools which are used by construction workers. Today, we are going to discuss with you some most commonly used construction tools, as well as what they are used for.

One tool which every construction worker needs are steel toe boots. These are essential for protecting your feet from any falling objects. You may also not be allowed on the construction site without these boots.

Another tool which is extremely handy for construction workers is a tool belt. These are handy for keeping tools close to you which you may need to use often, such as screwdrivers.

Carrying on from this, a tool which all construction workers will use during their career is a screwdriver. These are a very handy tool which is mainly used to manually tighten screws which will occur more often and not with double-checking.

Finally, a tool which we find extremely handy is a tape measure. These are used for measuring anything and everything important in construction as everything needs to fit together correctly.